Taking Trump Tower By Stategy

by BlindººCoyote



​I’m listening to BlindººCoyote's brilliant new piece, Taking Trump Tower by Strategy, as I drive through rural Arizona. I listen to it once. I listen to it twice. I listen to it again. I listen to it again. I may never stop listening to it.
​It helps. It helps a whole lot.
​I am in enemy territory here. This is Ground Zero in Trump’s America. Trump signs and Trump stickers and American flags screaming trumped up patriotism every direction you look. BlindººCoyote’s music is the perfect soundtrack to my fear and unease. It is disquieting and slippery and speaks to a world where truth and reality are hermetic and hidden and not easily uncovered.
​We are lost now, deep in the matrix. In a version of reality we never wanted and can never truly understand.
​The title of this piece could not be more apt or of the moment. It’s true, we need to take Trump Tower. We need to take it now. By strategy, of course, if that is possible. If necessary, we need to take it by force. Whatever it takes, we have got to take Trump Tower. If we don’t, who knows what world will be left to us?
​Will you join BlindººCoyote? Will you join me? Will you join millions of your sisters and brothers, snowflakes all, as we become a flurry, then a blizzard, then an avalanche? Will you join us as we take back America? As we take Trump Tower?

Max Mundan,
February 6, 2017


released February 5, 2017
Written, recorded and produced by BlindººCoyote @ Prickly Pear Sound Facilities, Carrasqueta Foothills, Spain, January 2017. Artwork by Drem Bruinsma. Thanks to David Rutter. ©SABAM 2017.



all rights reserved


BlindººCoyote Spain

BlindººCoyote is a Dutch-born tonemaster/producer previously located in the U.S. and in Brussels, but now working from his studio in southeastern Spain. He started out with analogue modular synthesizers and tape loops in the late 1970´s and has evolved along with the progressions of electronic music up until today, yet taking a rather personal approach.
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