My Alchemical Other

by BlindººCoyote



My alchemical other
Is earthen and of ether

My alchemical other
is aereal and grounded

My alchemical other is
a master of polemics

My alchemical other
like an observation tower
My alchemical other roams
where stratosphere is thinner

Neither floating nor
like falling

My alchemical won't bother


released June 30, 2014
Written, recorded & produced by BlindººCoyote @ Chumberos, Spain, June 2014. Lyrics based on recent poems of Terence Troy Steiner.
Artwork by Drem Bruinsma.




BlindººCoyote Spain

BlindººCoyote is a Dutch-born tonemaster/producer previously located in the U.S. and in Brussels, but now working from his studio in southeastern Spain. He started out with analogue modular synthesizers and tape loops in the late 1970´s and has evolved along with the progressions of electronic music up until today, yet taking a rather personal approach.
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