Like a lamb

by BlindººCoyote



This is the second result of having started off from the writings of Terence Troy Steiner, in an attempt to merge his poetry with a fitting electronic carrier in order to take the listener to higher grounds...


I run through valleys, just to sing
just to lose my voice
and if I came in a pill bottle
I'd be everything you need:

Blue and red and yellow and blue all over again

You, totally, tenderly, tragically, you
without a face

You were my brick and mortar
makes me hate everything that doesn't stick

I often lose focus

Your myths are dead
your logic is faulted
and heralded, and herded, and unheard
like pagans

Your vanity reflects mirrors and blows breath onto mirrors that I write letters in

'Cause I'm not free range
I'm not grain fed
I'm often corralled
like a lamb

I want more life
or something from a dime store
but I'm running out of gas
like stupid

I want more life
to peel like paint
so I swab my eyes red
I paint my face white
and I drown again, naturally

So I run through valleys
just to sing
just to lose my voice
and if I came in a pill bottle
I'd be everything you need


released December 13, 2011
wrtitten, recorded and produced by BlindººCoyote. Done @ Chumberos, Spain, November 2011. Lyrics derived from Terence Troy Steiner's poem "Cold Car" (2011), by principle of "cut-up". All right reserved. Artwork by Drem Bruinsma, like for nearly all the other digi releases.




BlindººCoyote Spain

BlindººCoyote is a Dutch-born tonemaster/producer previously located in the U.S. and in Brussels, but now working from his studio in southeastern Spain. He started out with analogue modular synthesizers and tape loops in the late 1970´s and has evolved along with the progressions of electronic music up until today, yet taking a rather personal approach.
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